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[WARNING] – What Your MyDoterra Virtual Office Won’t Show You!

What You Will Not Learn in Your mydoterra Virtual Office

The marketing strategies in this article will help you get the most out of your mydoterra virtual office.  I should start out by saying that I love Doterra and their myDoterra virtual office!  I also think Doterra offers the BEST essential oils on the market today and they have great leadership.  The myDoterra virtual office has great tools to help keep your business organized and some great training videos.   David Stirling is an amazing CEO and Dr. David Hill truly is the premier expert on the topic of essential oils. I personally use the essential oils in my house.  I never leave home without a Family Physician Kit and I believe that the products in the Lifelong Vitality Pack are the best supplements on the market today.  This is not a review of essential oils, your myDoterra office or Doterra as a company however.  If you want to learn more about essential oils in general check this out!

If you already have too many leads for your Doterra business or you are already making too much money, then ignore this article and access your myDoterra virtual office here.

But did you know that 97% of Doterra IPC’s that login into myDoterra are struggling to make money?  This is not their fault however.  What is happening is the Network Marketing game is changing and nobody is notifying them of this change.  It is certainly not described in their myDoterra virtual office.  The days of chasing family members, friends, neighbors, and anyone you can meet at the grocery store are OVER.  No more pitching your opportunity to strangers at home parties or hotel conference rooms.  These methods may work for some but take a tremendous amount of time and skill to execute. What if I told you that you could have an endless stream of laser targeted leads that actually wanted to hear about your Doterra opportunity?  What if I told you that you didn’t need to be one of the 97%?  What would that do for your Doterra business?  What if you could discover the formula to build your Doterra business quicker, smarter and easier?  What would that mean for your family?  More time to watch your kids grow up?  More vacations?  More commissions in your myDoterra virtual office?

3 Easy Steps for mydoterra Success

1.  Learn and implement the concepts behind Attraction Marketing

If you do not know what Attraction Marketing means then you need to study and learn about it…NOW!  (It is not in your myDoterra Office).

In my opinion, Mike Dillard’s FREE Training Videos are the best on the market, period.

2.  Learn something new that has value for your business and SHARE it with others 

Whether or not you are going to be successful in Doterra largely depends on how much VALUE you bring to the table and how many people you can bring to the top.  When you are providing value to people, (not your myDoterra opportunity), you will stop having to chase them down.  These people will actually chase you!!!  Think of the successful leaders in myDoterra.  How much value do they provide?  I guarantee you it’s a lot.  You may be wondering how can I provide value?  What if I am one of the 97% that is struggling in myDoterra?  The answer is simple.  You sign up for an attraction marketing system that brands you as a leader.  Once you learn the proven strategies for success, you start sharing them with other network marketers.  In the meantime you are creating yourmydoterraown success story that you can share in the near future.  Inside an attraction marketing system there are literally endless training videos that you can watch and share with others for FREE to ATTRACT them to you.

3.  Leverage the internet to do your prospecting 

If you are not using the internet to generate leads for your myDoterra business, what are you waiting for?  The internet provides unlimited opportunities to connect with people.

If you still don’t realize the power of the internet then take a look at what Netflix did to Blockbuster.  Look at what Amazon is doing to Barnes and Noble…E-Trade to stock brokers.  You can do the same for business outside of your myDoterra virtual office.

The power of the internet outside of myDoterra is unlimited and you need to be taking advantage of it.

If you would like to learn more on how I use the Internet and Attraction Marketing to generate FREE leads for my business  Click Here Now!

To The Top,

Ryan Walker

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Ryan has been working in Healthcare for the past 10 years. He recently decided he would be interested in a career change. He is now finding success with Online Marketing and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.

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